Activate Grolsch’s new Choose Interesting positioning in the on-trade and experiential space.

The Swingtop Open is a global activation programme that we created for Grolsch.
The competition is based around opening the Grolsch Swingtop bottle in the most creative and way imaginable, reinforcing the brand positioning. Working with a magician, we created a set of 6 standard techniques for consumers to learn and then encouraged them to create their own. 
Two consumers would go head to head in an opening duel and the winner would be chosen by the crowd
The opening techniques
This activation was a global phenomenon. It is regarded by SAB Miller as the most successful in-outlet activation that Grolsch has ever run. Entrants for the tournament travelled from Russia, Romania, United States, Canada, South Africa and China. A global final was held in Amsterdam featuring teams representing all the different markets.
World Championship case study
Event advertising and branding
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