Given the pressing social issue of poor nutrition and child obesity in the UK, Danone wanted a role to play in promoting a healthy diet and lifestyle as part of their corporate social responsibility agenda.

We created 'Eat Like A Champ'. A
 programme for schools fronted by dance troupe Diversity.
Ashley Banjo fronted a weekly video that gave healthy eating tips as well as a new dance move for the children to learn at the end of each film. The students that completed the program were invited to The O2 for a private performance by Diversity where they could join in the routine with the moves they had learned throughout the
Eat Like A Champ was regarded as success by clients, teachers and students alike.

We engaged over 15 state schools in the targeted areas who all completed the programme.
Eat Like A Champ continues as Danone’s main CSR intuitive to this day.


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